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DVHZ series – Pneumatic Toe Lasting Machine

7B 2The original design –
“Re engineered for a new era of shoe making”

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Developed to work with all types of shoes and with any kind of material: leather, synthetic, textiles etc
Mens • Ladies • Infants • Boots
Safety shoes • Welted.

The pincers are positioned 6mm over the wipers, reducing excessive lasting edges, thus providing economy of material and a superior lasting process
• Heated wipers and a precise lasting wrinkle distribution provide excellent last corner/point definition.
• The wiper header is fixed so only the wipers move therefore avoiding excessive mechanical wear and reducing lasting time during the machine operating cycle.

The pedal has 3 stage activation and the machine is equipped with 7 or 9 pincers according to the customer requirements.

Production up to 150 pairs per hour

7A – Mens, ladies, infants pre cemented

7B – Cement injection for flat lasted and goodyear welted

RB – Additional tooling for lasting up to the ball.

7E – Electronic / Pneumatic 7 pincers

9E – Electronic / Pneumatic with 9 pincers

All ball lasting

1200mm wide x 900mm deep x 1900mm high
750 Kgs
240V – 1 phase
Air: 33L/pair


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October 7, 2014